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India and spices have a long history, dating back to when meals were prepared with real flavours. Today, spices are a staple in every home and are used to make a diverse range of cuisines that are all their own. Thank you for visiting Devi Massala, your one-stop shop for all your spice needs.

The spice market is about to undergo a revolution because of the “Natural Spices” brand. Since its launch on November 26, 2011, it has occupied a sizable portion of the market thanks to its uniqueness, purity, quality, and taste. A full selection of cooking spices, including cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, and turmeric powder, are available from Devi Massala. Vedic Bilona Desi Ghee, Kashmiri Marmara Almonds, and Lakadong Turmeric Powder are Devi Massala’s best-selling items. All of the goods are created without the use of pesticides, animals, or any other types of adulteration.

Why Choose Devi Massala

We are one of the leading Suppliers of wide range of Indian Spices.
We have rich industry experience of more than 3 decades Our quality-centric approach helps us in delivering the best Cooking Spices.
We are associated with several certified, trustworthy Manufacturers and vendors in the industry; thus we procure the Natural Indian Spices directly from them. This helps us in altering the overall cost of Cooking Spices; in turn we further provide the spices at nominal rates.

We efficiently check various factors that include We are associated with renowned Manufacturers and vendors; thus we directly source the Natural Indian Cooking Spices from them.
We stringently follow Ethical Business Practices and Fair Pricing Policies.



Our mission is to make available unadulterated natural food (spices) and pure A2 gir cow BILONA DESI GHEE to our valued customers.


24 Carat Natural Spices is a Devi Massala, which is why, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of spices and its ingredients.


Our goal is to establish a brand that permeates every home. No one can resist buying into such distinctive and genuine flavors. gaining recognition as a brand around the world and controlling the market by producing some of the best spices in the nation.


Our goal is to provide our cherished customers with pure A2 gir cattle BILONA DESI GHEE and unadulterated natural food (spices).


Despite the fierce competition we face right now, we nevertheless give our customers high-quality products at affordable prices.


Every human on this earth has fundamental right to have access to unadulterated, natural healthy food for leading a healthy life.


It`s not just our personal goals that drive us, but we always look at the broader picture. We are committed towards developing a healthy society consuming natural organic foods.


The masalas (spices) (powdered or whole) has a great role in infusing its natural beautiful aroma in the vegetables curries soups etc. but also it dissolves the natural minerals and oils into the dishes being prepared during the cooking. 


We picture a distinctive brand that is renowned for its top-notch flavours and quality. a company that upholds its commitment to quality and consistency while serving as an indispensable food solution partner to multinational corporations.

The masalas (spices), whether they are whole or powdered, play a significant role in imparting their lovely natural aroma to the vegetables, curries, soups, etc., as well as dissolving the natural oils and minerals into the foods as they cook. This is why exercising boosts our body’s immunity.

Food Safety, Packaging & Security:

To ensure the safety of our products, we have improved our quality- and sanitation-control measures. We adhere to stringent quality- and safety-control measures at every stage, from acquiring raw materials and product development to manufacturing and distribution. Additionally, our Quality Assurance Committee keeps a close eye on safety assurance.


We produce each and every product hygienically using top-notch materials.