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Indian Spices for Healthy Heart

INDIAN PURE MASALA - A reason to have a good Heart

When we hear the name of pure Indian spices, our mind gets tempted to taste the dishes. The speciality of these spices is that they do not harm health in any way because they are pure, have no chemicals and have no adulteration. When it comes to the taste of food, the pride of Indian cuisine is evident, Indian spices are liked all over the world, and we are proud that we are contributing to making Indian spices a different identity.

Along with eliminating hunger, we also have to care for our health. Excessive use of spices can harm our health, and we should try to use herbs according to our dream of health with the help of pure Indian spices. Today we are going to tell you which are such Indian spices capable of providing complete protection to your health, and using them will not change the taste of your food.

Let’s talk about heart health. Special Indian spices are being used to keep the heart healthy. Let’s look at the spices that help maintain good heart health. The name turmeric comes first. Everyone knows turmeric is a surefire way to keep the body healthy and increase immunity.



There is no such Indian household which does not use turmeric while eating. Turmeric has also been used in Ayurveda as a pain and wound healer. The great thing about turmeric is that it is rich in curcumin, which can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations within just 4 weeks. Turmeric is also beneficial in maintaining proper blood sugar levels. The remarkable thing about turmeric is that its antioxidant properties can easily remove complications related to the heart.

The speciality of DEVI MASALA is that full attention is paid to maintaining the properties of turmeric so that, along with the taste of your food, the health of your heart can be taken care of.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is used in almost every vegetable and dish in Indian cuisine. Since ancient times, black pepper has been emphasized to give food a distinct aroma and increase our digestive power. There are some dishes in which whole black pepper is used, while some use black pepper in powder form to make it delicious. Black pepper is used in dry vegetables; black pepper powder is also used for sprinkling on salads. The unique thing about black pepper is that it acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substance. Black pepper is very effective for heart health. If appropriately used, black pepper activates cardio-inducing action. This can also protect the body from oxidation damage. Whole black pepper or black pepper powder contains vanadium, which promotes cardiac function. Its advantage is that for people who have any problem related to the heart, continuous and correct use of black pepper helps in curing it.

DEVI MASALA’s black pepper powder is manufactured with the utmost high-quality care. Apart from treating health and heart-related problems, these spices are rich in vitamins. This is the speciality of DEVI MASALA.

Coriander Powder

Coriander or coriander powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine. The aroma of coriander or coriander powder plays a vital role in enhancing the flavour of the vegetables. Using other essential spices like coriander powder while making vegetables adds more flavour to the tempering. This balances the taste of food and other dishes. If we talk about the history of coriander powder, Ayurveda has been using coriander or coriander powder, especially concerning health. The use of coriander plays an essential role in the healthy improvement of cholesterol and diabetes patients. The use of coriander can reduce cholesterol levels. Along with this, blood sugar and blood pressure levels also decrease with its use.

The remarkable thing about DEVI MASALA’s coriander powder is that its seeds are obtained from Ramganj Mandi, a world-famous and called coriander city in India. DEVI MASALA’s Coriander Powder imparts a refreshing flavour to food dishes and is also beneficial for the heart.

Fenugreek Seeds

There are some dishes in Indian cooking where fenugreek seeds are used freely. Although there are only such great work dishes in which fenugreek seeds are used, after eating all the dishes in which fenugreek seeds are used, a lot of improvement has been seen in our health, especially in our heart problems. Is. Not only for cooking but fenugreek seeds are also used extensively to mask the bitter taste of medicines. Fenugreek seeds are used in Ayurveda to improve heart problems. Fenugreek seeds contain protein insulin called 4-hydroxy isoleucine which lowers blood sugar levels. Fenugreek seeds or fenugreek seeds maintain the blood sugar level, after which the risk of heart attack is reduced.

The fenugreek seeds of Devi Masala are brought from Madhya Pradesh, the country’s largest producer of fenugreek seeds, where excellent techniques are used to improve the sources further so that the quality of the seeds is maintained.

Garlic Powder

Garlic and garlic powder are considered essential parts of Indian spices. The presence of garlic or garlic powder in the herbs used to make any vegetable or Indian dish is regarded as necessary as salt in food. The use of garlic powder not only enhances the taste of food but is also very helpful in keeping the heart healthy. Garlic powder is an excellent source of antioxidants, which help fight infection and cell damage. Garlic powder can help in lowering blood pressure. If you are worried about rising cholesterol, using garlic to reduce and improve heart health will be like icing on the cake. The unique thing is that garlic or garlic powder supplements can also reduce plaque buildup in the arteries.

Garlic Powder and Paste from DEVI MASALA is prepared to keep in mind the essential ingredients to enhance the taste of food and improve your heart’s health. Prepared completely organically, DEVI MASALA’s Garlic Powder and Paste are very beneficial for your heart.

Ginger Powder & Paste

Many ingredients readily available in your kitchen have medicinal benefits. Garlic and ginger are two things that have been proven to help improve your health and make your heart even more robust. Ginger has many medicinal properties that help prevent blood clots in the heart’s blood vessels. Antioxidants in ginger work on high cholesterol, making the risk of plaque formation in the arteries negligible.

Ginger powder and paste prepared by DEVI MASALA are prepared to keep these unique medicinal benefits in mind. Their use will also enhance the taste of your food, and at the same time, the benefits of their service to your health will prove to be priceless.

Garam Masala

Garam masala is a mixture of some unique spices, which increases the taste of your food by four times and can also solve various health-related problems. Garam masala is an essential part of every kitchen. Whatever the dish, when hot spices are used in it, the tasters of that dish are forced to lick their fingers. But it is not just a matter of taste; your heart also gets a lot of strength from hot spices. It contains a mixture of spices and herbs, strengthening our hearts and keeping our blood pressure balanced.

The Garam Masala, prepared by DEVI MASALA, uses herbs and spices with medicinal properties to keep your health away from seasonal and off-season diseases and heart problems.

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