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black pepper and long pepper


black pepper and long pepper


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Meghalaya as we know is one of the four biodiversity hot spots of India. Thanks to mother nature, due to its geological position which is high hilly Himalayan tarrance the land is pristine black alluvial soil and is home to many nutritionally rich plants, herbs and spices. 

Naturally cultivated black pepper and long pepper (an extended form of black pepper) are healthy nutritious natural spices which we source from traditional farmers through our agency.
The Meghalayan tribes have been using this black pepper which they term as Black Gold Spice since generations not just for cooking but also as a traditional home remedy to cure cold, cough and flu by mixing this spice with honey and ginger.
Black Pepper and Long Pepper is used as whole or in crushed form in about every cousin in kitchens worldover. Its sharp pungent zest seeps deep into the repassed and the unmistakable whiff of its aroma swirls about in air.
Black Pepper and Long Pepper find its use in almost all vegetable soups, tea, meats, curries. In India, Europe, USA and Middle East in the World. Black Pepper signature aroma emanates from the berries of the Tropical Piper Nigrum Vine one among the many spices of the piper case family.
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