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Kashmiri Mamra Walnut Giri


Kashmiri Mamra Walnut Giri

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Devi Massala Kashmiri Mamra Walnut Giri (250Gms pouch)

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Kashmiri Walnuts are famous for their taste and quality being rich in Omega -3 the walnut is considered the best Super Food in addition to Kashmiri Mamra Badam Giri as brain immunity booster.


Not many people know walnuts from Kashmir are cholesterol free among dry-fruits. Many users across the world today who care for their health look for organic, natural and original food items for consumption. If you are looking for good quality, naturally cultivated walnuts and its kernels from the naturally pollution free valley of Kashmir you can depend on the walnut kernels and whole walnuts from Devi Massala New Delhi.

These walnut kernels have a unique taste and milky white in color and it’s sure you will fall in love with them and will add up in your daily routine.

In today’s world, we are lost and confused to select healthy nutritious foods as against readily available junk foods like pizzas, pasta, burgers, momos, chinese italian foods and started forgetting about extremely healthy and nutritious nature gifts like walnuts, badams, cashew, pestachue etc. which the mother nature has offered us freely.

We are ready to swallow junk food without caring for the damage it does to our body and health at large but do not adopt nature’s free gift in the form of various extremely healthy Super foods like walnuts, badam etc.


  1. Improves brain function and helps good brain health.
  2. Regulates sleep cycle
  3. Enhances skin health
  4. Helps body weight management
  5. Walnuts are rich source of antioxidants hence help fight the oxidative damage caused by LDL Cholesterols in the body and hence helps maintain Good Heart Health
  6. Walnuts are rich in Vitamin E, helps cleaning skin cells, black heads and white heads and provide a soft, fresh and younger looking skin by rejuvenating the lost youth and glow from our skin.
  7. Vitamin E shields against coronary heart disease by clearing free radicals from the body.
  8. Antioxidants in walnuts help promote eye health, prevent inflammation and reduce risk of cancer.
  9. Walnut helps promote a healthy gut.

Adopt this healthy Super Food and Stay Fit ever.

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250 gm

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