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Kashmiri Red Chilli


Kashmiri Red Chilli

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Kashmiri Red Chilli (200 gms pouch)

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Kashmiri Red Chilli Cultivated by farmers of pollution free valley of Kashmir naturally without any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and colors is very mild in spiciness. It provides mild heat and moderate level of spiciness in the food. They are mostly used for its gorgeous red color and delicious, zingy aroma than intense heat and spice

Kashmiri Red Chilli is a unique variety of pepper that has subtle sweetness and complex heat, perfect for adding flavour to curries, stews and other dishes. The speciality of Kashmiri Red Chilli is the redness of color which it imparts to the dishes while cooking keeping its mild spicy nature intact.

Research shows that a compound known as apigenin, present in red kashmiri peppers is found helpful to strengthen connection between brain cells. Another research shows that apigenin, a flavonoid, may also be a powerful agent in preserving key brain functions such as memory and learning.

The difference between degi mirch and Kashmiri Red Chilli

Degi mirch is a traditional Indian spice which is made by blending red peppers and kashmiri dried red chillies. It is mildly spicy and is authentically used to add deep red or orange color to the Indian dishes like dal, veg curries, mutton and chicken dishes. The degi mirch powder taste similar to paprika when Rosted with some oils and it releases its spiciness and flavor to the dish in the end.

Kashmiri lal mirch is largely produced in pollution free valley of kashmir and is known to give vibrant red color and its flavor in any dish. These chillies are very mild in spiciness but are spicier than degi mirch and most commonly used in tandoori dishes and because more aromatic when roasted.

The Kashmiri Red chilli brought to you by Devi Massala is directly procured from farmers in Kashmir and is free of any adulteration, preservatives or colors.

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200 gm

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