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Meghalaya Cinnamon Quills


Meghalaya Cinnamon Quills

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Meghalaya Cinnamon Quills
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Meghalaya Cinnamon Quills – A versatile spice having goodness of health and taste

Besides adding fragrant flavour to speciality foods and dishes and tea Cinnamon also acts as preservative and has many medicinal properties which make it choice of the west.

Being naturally grown in high hilly terrains of Himalayan ranges in Meghalaya traditionally is the world best Cassia Cinnamon with Low Coumin Contant.

The farmers using traditional and conventional method to propagate Cinnamon Trees in Carbon Rich Soil of hilly terrains on a large scale. The healthy saplings are planted after the monsoon rains. It takes around three years time for the saplings to mature into healthy Cinnamon trees ready to be harvested Cinnamon every six months thereafter.

The barks are peeled after the rains and are set to dry in the Sun. The drying process causes the peeled barks curled into quills which are cut and packed for sale in the market.

Cinnamon as Dal-Chini, known to Indian Kitchens is a widely used spice and flavouring agent for baking and cooking due to its versatile nature, it can be added to beverage too. Besides this its also used in formulation of perfumes.

The ancient medicine practitioners recognize its anti-bacterial properties for healing stomach ailments and cough and cold and certain dental issues. Being anti-inflammatory it is believed to help relieve pains.

This Cinnamon is dark reddish brown, tough and hardy, has pengent and strong taste. Is rich in essential oil and claims + of 85% market share globally.

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