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Meghalaya Ginger – A potent medicinal herb


Meghalaya Ginger – A potent medicinal herb


Meghalaya Ginger – A potent medicinal herb (80 gms pouch)
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The unique bio-diversity that surrounds Meghalaya Viz the clean unpolluted air, the green rolling hills, the cool climate, the clean rivers, the fresh rain and the pristine land comprising of black alluvial soil which the nature has provided by itself is the natural treasure of the state readily available and working constantly to produce more than 50 rare medicinal plants from its lap.

The Meghalayan Ginger locally called Ing Makhir-Zingiber Rubens is a naturally organic medicinal herb from Meghalaya North East India.

Its known for its therapeutic properties and the traditional healers use it to treat babies from various digestive problems. It also is known for curing various ailments like toothaches, preventing infants from cold, using in baby baths, treatment of body aches, arthritis, rheumatism and joint pains, curing sore throat, cough and cold. This ginger is mainly used to curb any stomach problems. Mostly people outside Meghalaya are unaware about the medicinal properties of Ing Makhir (Ginger). The presence of potent bio-active compounds such as Gingerols helps determine the quality of ginger.

The lab test of Meghalaya Ginger have proved higher content of Gingerol present in Ing Makhir Ginger from Meghalaya than regular ginger normally being consumed in home kitchens. This rare spice (Ing Makhir Ginger) from Meghalaya is brought to you by Devi Massala New Delhi in crushed form maintaining its original aroma, taste and medicinal strength because we believe in Eat Pure Be Healthy.

Packing in 80g Pouch.

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