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Organic Cumin


Organic Cumin

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Organic Cumin (100 gms pouch)
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Cumin (Jeera) a wonderful Spice

Jeera or Cumin is a versatile spice available both in powder and seed form having many health benefits as per Ayurveda.

The spice that originated in Mediterranean and South Asian regions has become a power house in the Indian Kitchen. Almost any dish we make starts with a tempering of Jeera. The benefits of these are backed by studies world wide. The tricky thing about the spices is the quality factor. You can consume all the right information about Jeera benefits in Ayurveda books and blogs, but you never reap the wholesome nutrition from them if you bought from incorrect place. 

Devi Massala Jeera seeds are procured after through investigation regarding its cultivation and processing from the farmer directly so Devi Massala Jeera and other spices are pure, organic and zero adulteration.

Picking up your spices from an organic source is your best bet.

Health and Dietary Benefits of Organic Jeera (Cumin) according to Ayurveda and Science :-

  • Aids In Digestion : In the traditional kitchen of India and South India, the use of Cumin (Jeera) to treat digestive disorders is a popular trend. The Jeera seeds are said to enhance the quality and performance of digestive enzymes this improvement will help speedup the process and ensure the system is clean. They are also proven to increase the levels of bile in the liver. This enzyme helps to digest fats and break down nutrients. There is sufficient research to show that Jeera can help with irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, acidity and much more. This seeds can be used in regular doses in all your foods for best results.
    For chronic digestive issues, soak a tea spoon of seeds in water overnight and start your day by drinking this water.
  • Promotes Weight Loss : The use of Jeera in health – supplements is vivid proof of its weight loss benefits. Much research on this has shown that a patient battling weight loss finds its easier to manage a diet with few grams of Jeera each day. Though using Jeera helps promote weight loss but it is not a remedy.
  • Rich in anti oxidants :  Anti oxidants are those chemicals that help reduce the strain on the body from free radicals they are usually neutral in nature, and thus help assisting the body’s natural healing system to work better.
  • Manages irregular blood cholesterol : The body has a particular fat (or lipid) triglycerides. The use of Jeera has proven to reduce the impact of these unhealthy blood triglycerides by a substantial amount, thus reducing the rise of high-cholesterol or other heart disorders.
  • Reduce Drug dependency : One of the most Jeera benefits in Ayurveda studies have shown that Jeera-water use can reduce the dependence or addiction to most substances. Jeera consumption is an excellent way to boost immunity and metabolism.
  • Fights Inflammation : Jeera use in Ayurveda practices to fight common cold and flu is very common.

Nutritional Facts

Calcium                        55.9mg

Iron                                 4.0mg

Magnesium                 22.0mg

Phosphorus                30.0mg

Potassium                 105.0mg

Sodium                        11.0mg

Zinc                               0.3mg

The role of Jeera in the cooking and providing digestive ease has made it a hero of the Indian Kitchen. Adding a little Jeera to your diet will ensure you better health.

For Good shelf life store in an air tight container at a cool, dry and dark place.

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